Sound Baths

When I was in College in 1997, a quartz crystal didgeridoo was gifted to me. I had spend countless hours learning to circular breath and project the depth of my voice through a didgeridoo during a breakup in the previous year (lol). It was a an effective distraction  a healing method that not only relaxed me, but forced me to breath in rhythm.

At one point, I found myself busking at the Farmers Market in Los Angeles with a giant crystal bowl and my crystal didgeridoo. I had been in between jobs and felt a sudden compelling urge to perform one morning. I laid out a carpet and a brass bowl (for donations), and just closed my eyes and began to play harmonic frequencies and rhythms between the 2 instruments. When I opened my eyes 2 hours later, there was 90 dollars in my bowl. I can’t explain the feeling as I drove to the grocery store knowing that I had a way to both touch people, and to provide food for myself that was so rooted in simplicity.

All sound healing is rhythm and harmony.¬† Whether it’s the frequency/rhythm of your body/emotion harmonizing with the tones/frequency I am projecting from instruments, or actual rhythms that I play between instruments. I now incorporate 9 quartz bowls, my quartz didgeridoo, tabla drum, hang drum, tank drum, quartz pyramids and tuning forks into my sound baths. I even make use of a looping pedal to feature a deeper sense of rhythm (which listeners are welcome to move to) for a section of my live sound baths.

Take a look at to hear some of my recordings.

Feel free to contact me if you are interested in featuring my style and offerings of sound and rhythm at your event or class.


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