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Other Stuff I Do

So, if you know me, you already know most of this. But I am not a person satisfied with one creative or technical outlet. Whoever came up with “Jack of all trades, Master of none,” was a self-limiting fearful prick. Renaissance lifestyle recognized that by learning as much as one can, one strengthens each outlet greatly. Here are some of my favorite things to do:

Doublehead Music

I have been composing music for a few decades. And I studied singing with Ron Anderson. I have about 30 songs waiting to finish producing. But here is a ton of my older stuff. I did make the world’s first Virtual Reality record for Oculus Rift. Maybe a bit dated now but still awesome and still on the Gear VR store. You can hear my first album for free here though purchasing it makes me smile.

Acoustic Binaural

I’ve actually been doing sound healing for the last 20 years. Far before it was a thing. I was playing a quartz crystal didgeridoo and bowls at the Farmer’s Market in LA busking for spare cash during moments of financial struggle. It was and is an awesome experience. Anway this website/project features binaural beat tracks that have crystal bowls isolated frequency to each ear (instead of digital synthesized tones). Everything live and acoustic. AND, I charge out into nature at midnight and capture field recordings of all kinds of stuff. These tracks are AWESOME. Good for sleep, or just chilling out. Enjoy.

Doublehead Interactive

When I was 18 years old and designing circuit boards for my dad’s pre-public-internet high speed data company, the Web came into existence. I immediately dissected American Airlines’ website and turned it into my father’s company website. Lol. The rest is history. I make most of my living developing cutting edge websites. I stay on target with technology and have an experienced aesthetic for web marketing. I have worked with many big name clients and am extremely experienced in Ecommerce.

Well, I told you I do allot of things. I once private cheffed for the elite of Hollywood. I even had a meal written up in Time Magazine for one of the first-ever popups. But here is my coffee roasting site. I do this because I love it. It’s barely profitable because I hand roast each pound to order. Assuming I accept your order lol. So if you complain about the cost, you can bite me. Seriously. You are lucky to get this stuff. I have gone through quite a journey learning about coffee (and how consequently most people that think they are coffee-experts are just ignorant speed addicts lol).

Water Release Therapy

Lol Told you I do allot of things. For the last 11+ years I have actively studied, practiced and assisted in teaching Water Release Therapy. What is that you might ask? Complex question. If you have heard of Watsu, it’s based in that. It’s a type of bodywork that takes place in 98 degree salt-water. I guide you through intricate movements that release both physical and emotional trauma. It is positively my favorite modality of healing. So much that I decided to learn it and offer it. Contact me for more information.

Perspectives Radio Show

This was a bit of a social experiment if you will. Myself, a extreme combat vet, a spoken-word’sman and a Politician. 2 Black men and 2 White men. Respectfully discussing perspectives. An example of discourse done right. I hope we do it again soon! Awesome cats.


Music Videos

I have made an awful lot of video. Ranging from coffee roasting, to my music/singing/drumming, inventions (yes I studied 3d-modeling and have designed some aquaponic devices). Anyway here is some of the music lol.