Welcome to this construct.

I suppose you might wonder what I mean with that title. lol. It means that our thoughts create stories. And more often than not we pretend that we are the sum total of these stories. I invite you, oh viewer of my art to try something. Instead of pretending that you and your worth exists based on these stories, pretend all of them were just a dream. You have no idea who/what you are. And from that place, let whatever is rising up from your heart and down from your mind be expressed. Be it on paper, an instrument, your voice, cooking, dancing, loving. Every instant right now is a new beginning. There are no mistakes, only chaos and intuition guiding something smarter than your intellect into trying something new. 

P.S. enjoy my art lol. Check out all the goodies in the shop. I’ll be adding lots more. I need better scans that show my signature before I add more prints but I will add them all sooner than later…


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  • Hi Shaun, happy new year! Just wanted to let you know that the kids all loved their gifts that were of your artwork, Alex got the backpack, he uses it every day to go to work in Colorado where he is a budtender! Jacki and Hayley split the bikini up so they each got half, Hayley just texted me about the water bottle, she also got the latte cup. I’ll send more pics!

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